Email, Skype, Tarot Readings, & Phone Readings




Lynne takes a lot of care and time in here readings, she has built her reputation on it. She  receives many requests for readings every day.

This can take it’s toll on her time and her energy. She asks you to

please be patient when waiting for your reading. She will get to you as soon as she possibly can




Make sure you have your question(s) clearly thought-out in advance

of requesting your reading. If your reading is by email, ask your

question(s) clearly and concisely for best results. If your reading is

going to be "live" by Skype or Phone, remember to take notes. Taking notes is very important during your session. Things that may not make sense at

the time of your reading may prove very important later. You can refer back to those notes at a later time.


Advisory Note: If your enquiry for a reading is medically related, be

it seeking advice on illness, cures, medicines or treatments.

Lynne is not medically qualified to discuss such matters and urges you to seek medical advice from your doctor, GP, hospital or other suitable medical body or professional.


Lynne offers primarily, 5 types of readings, Tarot, Email, Skype/Telephone and the very popular Text/Chat Reading

Instant Reading which is also a popular choice that you will find on the next page.


Within those, there are various price structures.


REGULAR READING: This is the standard rate reading.


SAME DAY READING: Where you may need an urgent answer to a question or query. The Same Day readings are only available subject to availability and apply to both new and existing clients.

(Same Day means within 24 hours of your order being received)



Lynne is based in the UK and receives enquiries from all over the world. Lynne’s normal working hours are 09.00 to 17.00 GMT, Monday to Friday. So please check the time difference if calling from outside of the UK. Lynne does offer an “Out of Hours” tariff if you require a reading outside of her normal working hours, but these are subject to availability.



Tarot Card Readings using various kinds of Tarot and Card Decks.
Email Reading
Related to a Love issue only.
Phone or Skype Reading. One Question.
Urgent  Email Readings will be conducted within a 24 hour period due to Lynne`s availability
Same Day Urgent Phone or Skype Reading (subject to availability)